Market Day – new weekly post & upcycle project.

Market Day will now be a regular feature here at NellyNora, it is after all one of my favourite places to venture and is only a stones throw away. Hopefully, I will be able to share one-off finds and items that brighten up your day, as well as mine!  Also, like I have said before, Nelly has friends there now so technically we HAVE to go 🙂 Also, before my Dad comments, don’t worry it doesn’t mean I will make a purchase every week. If I do, I am sure they will be too good a bargain to turn down or I’ll post my favourite finds from the morning for us all to simply admire.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget, I think I just got a little carried away with my finds and excited about the projects they will complete perfectly so didn’t get chance to post yesterday! Before you all think I’ve gone completely bonkers I’ve also updated my Pinterest board so you can see some of the possibilities out there for old grain sacks.  Yes you heard right, I found 7 old hessian grain/feed bags for a couple of pounds and couldn’t believe my luck!  They might need a good wash and air (for a day or two) but even for the amount of hessian I got, they were a bargain!
grain cropped

So how can these fabulous grain sacks be put to use?


A while ago (at the market of course) I found this lovely little Lloyd Loom style footstool in need of a little TLC. It has actually been in use ever since, but is crying out for its very own restoration! Over the next few days I will complete the reupholstering of this little gem and provide a step-by-step guide to show you the transformation, fingers crossed it will go from shabby to chic, rustic chic in fact!  In the meantime lose yourself in the Pinterest possibilities of old farmers feed sacks.

Take a pew…chair

I LOVE this grain sack blind!  Hmmmm where could I put one of these?

blind new

table runner

Last but not least… another lovely little footstool.

footstool example

Join us in a few days to see how it turns out, I hope you enjoyed the post.  NellyNora x

4 thoughts on “Market Day – new weekly post & upcycle project.

    • Hi Fran, it’s Earlestown Saturday flea market, I also go to an auction house in Leyland too 🙂 if you are looking for anything specifically let me know. NellyNora x

  1. Thank you! I might pop down to the market, I’m just looking for things to do my house up but need inspiration first! X

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