A sunny Market Day and a long ‘to do’ list!

Market Day with the addition of the sun, equals a good start to a Saturday!  Adie is away on his stag do and from the look of the pictures this morning it certainly seems it will be an interesting night ahead!  So, I have written a ‘to do’ list that is nearly touching the floor and after this post that will be my life until tomorrow eve, but it’s all exciting wedding related plans so I am not complaining! Today’s Market Day find could have a variety of uses but every so often I try to go there with set ideas in my mind (not always as easy as it sounds) to help control my spending and focus my eyes when searching through the masses.  Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than to randomly come across ‘little gems’ and let fate take its course but with 34 days to go, focus is a priority!

The building we are getting married in has so much going for it that I am very aware of not ‘over doing’ it and also being quite money savvy we wanted to focus our main budget on our wedding reception venue.  With this in mind, we want items that are easily moveable and ones that we can reuse afterwards.  Many couples write a note or slogan to say whether there are set sides for the families of the Bride and Groom, I like this idea as it stops confusion on the day and I know am not keen on set sides.  I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I guess we want a more relaxed and informal feel and what to set that tone right from the start! I love some of the different options people choose so I’ve written a few below, I am going to run these past Adie as he has been quite into the wording we have chosen for other elements!

  • Pick a seat, not a side.
  • Friends of the Groom, friends of the Bride, pick a seat, not a side.
  • Today two families become one, we ask that you please pick a seat, not a side.
  • Come as you are, stay as long as you can, we’re all family so no seating plan.

These are just a few choices that I have found and I have also created a new Pinterest board to share some of the lovely ways people display these welcome messages.  However, today at the market my little find has given me some new ideas.  What drew my attention to it straight away was the fact that the glass was intact! No cracks at all, quite often a nice shaped frame will be missing its glass, which can be useful for lots of exciting projects but I knew I wanted it glazed as I have ordered some pens to write on glass recently and am secretly dying to try them out!

vintage frameMy initial thoughts:

  • Painting the old frame in a neutral or light pastel shade.
  • Sanding and waxing for an aged look.
  • Using an interesting background – floral wallpaper perhaps.
  • Stencilling our chosen slogan from above in another light tone.
  • Giving the glass a good clean.
  • Lastly, sharing the completed design here 🙂

I’d love to know if you have spotted any fab ideas out there, a little hint of colour is my only brief, if so leave us a link.  Remember our first competition closes 22.06.2014 12pm, just follow us on the sidebar and leave a comment on a post you like!

Have fun in the sun today, myself and Nelly are going to get started on our monster ‘to do’.  Nobody tells you just how much there is to do before you say ‘I do’!

NellyNora x


nelly countdown 34 days to go

3 thoughts on “A sunny Market Day and a long ‘to do’ list!

  1. My 5 year old and I have been really inspired by nelly Nora, and can’t wait to see pictures of all the crockery, urns and frames in action at the wedding!

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