Guess Who? Help needed…

Today I thought I would try something a bit different here at Nelly Nora, I need to make some DIY wedding decisions and thought you lovely lot might be able help!  I have been looking at various options for our guest book for quite a while now and its come to a crunch point, a decision needs to be made!  This is mainly because I am trying to focus my decor ideas.  Sometimes there are so many of them I lose track of my thoughts, but time is getting on (71 days to be exact) and pretty decorative items need making or sourcing.

My thoughts with the guestbook are that I would like something that we can keep and that can preferably be displayed and form part of the decor in our home.  I did a similar thing on my 21st with a canvas and love looking back at it! We will also be having a photo booth (DIY of course) that will hopefully capture some fab moments, so using the photos at a later stage is an option too.  I know that there are some superbly creative and crafty souls out there that may be able to inspire us or have seen other good ideas in the past, the quirkier the better!  Below are my favourite Pinterest ideas so far…

guest book options 1
guest book ideas 2
Who would have thought there are so many fab ways to record your memories? I really like that most of these ideas would become a little activity in itself at the wedding, some require words of wisdom and some don’t, maybe you think a mix of the two might be a good balance?

I’d love to know what you think, drop us a comment, write the  number of your favourite idea or leave us a link to inspire us even more! We are getting very excited as the days countdown and this will be a handy box ticked!   NellyNora xx

P.s Thanks Adie for strumming away to me through this post, Last of The Ladies!

2 thoughts on “Guess Who? Help needed…

  1. I know it’s too late to weigh in but I was having a nose about and I think these ideas are lovely. Especially the Window, the Fingerprint Balloons and mostly, the Quilt Squares! I would probably ask for a picture though if I did that, signed by the artist of course. Which one did you decide on in the end?

    • Hi, 🙂 glad you like the ideas! Actually we have had a swerve ball, I haven’t written as a post yet as I am trying to keep it as a surprise for our guests and friends who may peep on here! It’s quite personal and will make a fab feature in the house when completed, it’s also a little more interactive which I love. All will be revealed soon, keep an eye out. NellyNora xx

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