I have always had a little thing about men’s suits and shoes, there is just something very refined about them and back in my student days when working for a well known retail brand they were my favourite things to sell, I have even been known to help sell suits to complete strangers while shopping with Adie. I particularly love a sharp, well fitting Navy or blue suit and a pair of lovely tan leather smart shoes, even saying it makes me smile. I understand completely that the right suit can have a real impact, whether it’s a job interview, a special occasion or something for everyday, they can set the tone and say a lot about your personality.

When we started our DIY wedding discussions we both knew that we wanted something different, not necessarily informal but perhaps a little shy of the ‘norm’ in regards to our bridal party clothing choices.  Adie knew what he wanted and it wasn’t the traditional morning suits, a slimmer fit, blue or navy suit were what Adie had envisaged.  After finding Adie’s suit from Ted Baker (more on this another day) we started to search for suits that would complement this, were fantastic quality but also considering when buying 6 or so suits were a little more affordable.  So the Next men’s suit department became our second home!  Many bride’s may not have seen the mens suits before the big day but this wasn’t a big deal for us and Adie knew that I understood his vision too, the search began…  We did visit other retailers but found ourselves drawn back to the quality, variety and up to date look of many Next suits.  In this post I will give a sneak peak to the suit choices for our big day but also round up my favourite suits for different occasions.

DIY weddingslim fit ushers suit
Don’t be put off with the skinny fit of this fantastically priced and lovely shaped suit. It is a dark, deep blue that will sit beautifully with many colour themes, including our pastel summery mix. The waistcoat adds that little something extra and means that it is a versatile suit that will not only look very dapper on the big day but can be used for many occasions after, something to consider! When trying on skinny fit suits don’t be afraid of going up a size or two, this is quite normal, you need to ensure it fits closely but that you have room to breathe, sit down and importantly dance your shoes off at a wedding!

Blow the budget, not really… Why not go for this Signature suit, made from 100% wool and out of Italian fabrics, this is a real investment piece. Deep tones, sharp tailoring and although wool can be a little warmer to wear, it has a timeless, classy look to it.
blow the budget blue slim suit

First impressions…job interview.
Many people may disagree but I have always felt quite comfortable with interviews, don’t get me wrong I get extremely nervous but if you let your personality shine through, little slip ups or nerves normally take a back seat. I also think what you wear can have a real impact on how you present yourself, be confident in the way you dress, don’t be afraid to wear clothes that complement your personality and as long as it’s not too wacky, if you wear something that little bit different you are more likely to make a greater impression and they are more likely to remember you!

check best suitHere are three different check suits to help you stand out from the crowd. These are the suits that I am sure more men want to try on but don’t have the confidence to stray from the ‘norm’, believe me you will probably surprise yourself, a good check design suits all sorts of people and with a range of slim or skinny fits you can find one that is right for you!

The picture does not do this suit justice! It is a slightly lighter shade than the others, a nice mix between a blue and grey tone and is perhaps the ‘wackiest’ out the three but it fits beautifully and if you want to tone it down, wear a simple slim navy tie to set it off. Certainly a suit to gain attention, but in all the right ways of course.

Bold checkmate!
check suit 1

 How about a micro check?

micro check

Everyday… whatever it brings?
After considering and looking at many delightful suits I thought about this one for a while. I know a wool suit can have weather limitations but what I love about this suit is its versitility. Each piece will be useful for may different occasions and what ever the day brings, as well as looking sharp as a 3 piece. The jacket can be worn more informally and would really dress up a pair of jeans, the waistcoat would also work to smarten up a casual day look and the trousers will go with any colour shirt. Many people traditionally wear black shoes and accessories with grey but the wool brings a different element to the suit, navy would smarten it and brown tan would bring it into its own, what more could you want?

Sorry for the mammoth post, I did warn you that I get a little carried away when it comes to a good suit, I think a shoe post may have to be done separately.  I hope these suits give you food for thought and at superb prices why not splash out and update your wardrobe with a few! Next were extremely helpful and in my opinion are leading the way on the high street with their current suit collection.

I can not wait to share our suits from the big day, hmmmm which one of the above have we gone for?

Wait and see!

NellyNora x

Suits you Sir…

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