Market day already!

It was a quick and earlier visit to the market today!  I have been extremely lucky in the past where items that I am seeking tend to appear at just the right time and today was no different.  However, an early visit to get these delights is vital! We are currently on the hunt for old 10 Gallon milk churns to provide a lovely, rustic home for our gypsophila down the aisle.  I love the simplicity of gyp, even in large bundles, its understated, pretty and has a very summery feel, we have decided to mix it up and have half white and half pink.  The  ceremony venue (more on this later) has so much going for it inside, a round marble symmetrical floor, huge arched doors at every side and a ceiling to die for, just to name a few.  I am very aware not to overdo it, the building is very special to us and simply beautiful, our flowers should just add a little something extra, a hint of pastel summery tones.  Back to the market, this morning I have ticked off 1 milk churn! It is a green shade but should, with a bit of with a bit of wire brushing and elbow grease come back to aluminium nicely.  Another fantastic find, here is the before picture…

milk churn

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