You don’t have time for this, right?

Hmmm, that is what this popular # that is buzzing around the web asks me as I Google search #100happydays to see what the fuss is all about? Life seems to be hurtling by at the moment and I have been feeling a little like my plates have been spinning in far too many directions so, I decided to seek out this popular #, could I be happy for a 100 days in a row, will it help grab control of my plates again?

I guess the honest answer to that is that I don’t know but I’ve decided to break the norm (of not following every Tom, Dick and Harry into every #fad or #craze out there, I still have my claim to fame of NEVER playing Candy Crush) and roll with this one. I came to the conclusion there is no harm and if anyone is going to benefit it will be my happy, smiley self. What is the harm in taking a little time, every day to think a happy thought or take a second to reflect on what is going on in my life – to start joining in, rather than be a passer by. Well, that is my analogy, I guess in 100 days we will see!

P.s I have decided to do #102happydays as this links nicely to the day that is going to be happy, happy, happy – the day we say ‘I do, me too!’


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