Floral inspiration.

Floral inspiration and getting the right florist!

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I wanted to share some of my inspiration for our wedding flowers.  I have scoured many florists websites – clicked wedding flowers and found myself completely uninspired! I don’t really think what we want is that ‘different’ , to be honest, I think it’s probably amongst the growing trends for wedding flowers at present, why haven’t my local high street florists caught up? Undeterred I set off for a day of floral fancies and found just the place!  Fylde Flowers is set in the small village of Singleton, Fylde, it is a large warehouse looking building that stocks florists as well as creating amazing designs themselves.

The lovely ladies took me under their wing immediately, showing great enthusiasm in my Pinterest photos that I took along and my bridesmaid dresses, they listened to exactly what the ‘dream’ was that was conjured up in my head.  We talked, looked through floral books and turned their displays upside down, they didn’t mind and this is what I loved about them!  I finally felt like someone understood what we wanted and not only that they got inspired and involved too along the way, I’ve now, with my Pinterest pictures in their hands and our discussions as guidance given them free reign, I feel like they are completely in tune with what we want from our flowers and importantly our day.

I suppose my advice here is to make sure you hire someone who really understands what you are after, someone who gets excited too and someone who doesn’t give you that feeling like they have done it a million times before!  I now feel excited to see what they come up with, another exciting moment of the day, I can not wait to have the first glance at our bouquets and the rest!

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NellyNora x