How tastes change… Market Day.

It’s been a little while! Hello there, I haven’t written recently as life sometimes takes over, but I have been busy making exciting plans for NellyNora, so keep popping in to find out more!

Today is of course…Market Day! It’s certainly a very washed out market day here in the North West, so I decided to stay tucked up in my Pj’s and give it a miss, plus I am hoping the rain will hold tomorrow and I can get to the local car boot for some more DIY wedding goodies.  However, my dad arrived for his weekly brew and chit-chat, but today he had a surprise. The vases! We saw these Chinese vases last week on the market and they caught my eye immediately, much to the shock of my dad!

Chinese vases Ok, so they aren’t exactly a rare Chinese antique but I was instantly drawn to the vibrant colours and pattern. My dad questioned my interest in them, surprised at my choice but like I said to him, taste’s change! I’ve come to realise just how true that is recently.  My dad often tells the tale… at 17 my room was an impressive homage to Ikea.  I would save up my money and buy anything from there that I could afford.  Don’t get me wrong, there is no one who still feels more at home in the big yellow and blue heaven than me, but my tastes have certainly changed.  Nowadays, our house is mainly an homage to anything old, antique and filled with pieces I have poached out of mum and dad’s garage.  I tend to use Ikea to find little accents for around the house, like picture frames, kitchen ware and cushions, oh and of course to indulge in their delicious meatballs and chips!  The funny thing is, over the years I have been surrounded by some amazing antiques that my mum and dad have collected and that adorned our family pubs and luckily some of those are still around, but many have been sold or moved for ‘garage space’.  Clearly, these did have an impact of my change of tastes!  Adie sometimes gets frustrated at my lack of throwing things away but I’ve learnt my lesson there-you never know when you might want something, within reason of course! But furniture or antiques are certainly never going to budge without serious consideration from now on!  Sorry!

Anyway back to the market, we moved along and went home without returning to get the vases and it bugged me all week! Living life as an indecisive person sometimes frustrates me, I’m not saying you should buy everything you see, but when you have a gut feeling or your attention is instantly drawn, whether it be a market find or a lifestyle decision, my new motto is to go with it! I have spent far too long dwelling on what could be and I intend to not waste time on this any more. Throughout the week I mentioned the vases a few times, mainly because my mum has an old, original teapot that would look amazing next to these in the new house and I couldn’t stop thinking…why do I not follow my gut? There are so many finds over the years that have sifted through my fingers, well not any more! Most of the items I find are within my price range and budget so from this day on, dwelling on  lovely items missed, will be no more!

I can’t believe the vases were still there, they are so vibrant and were a an absolute bargain! I am already thinking of ways to incorporate them into our new house, with a huge smile on my face…it’s the little things! Thank you Dad xx NellyNora x