Rain Rain Go Away…it’s Market Day!

Ok I have a little confession to make, due to the delightful UK weather we didn’t get to the market this morning.  To be honest, I would have braved it but Nelly picks and chooses when she likes the rain and this morning was not one of those days.  However, I did think it would be a fab opportunity to share some little finds from the recent bank holiday car boot.  Now to give you the background behind these items I need to come back to the DIY wedding to explain a little, any excuse, I know!  Come back tomorrow to read a little more on this!  Through posts yet to come you will find out that our wedding is very much OUR wedding and what I mean is that many details of the day, from the suit choices to the decor ideas, have derived from a link to ‘us’.  They might link to past times, especially in our beloved Lancaster, or very much represent who we are and what we like and that’s where these pretty finds come in…


These little Shelly pieces have fantastic colours in that will perfectly compliment our theme for the day and were an absolute bargain!  Tomorrow I will post a vintage crockery special.  Enjoy, NellyNora x