Market day!

Every Saturday my Dad pops round to join me at the market, have a coffee and sometimes I’m sure just simply to have a good natter! I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl and in many ways, including our love of oldy woldy things and bargain finds, I am very much like him. The Saturday market is a fantastic flea market, sometimes consisting of fantastic one off finds and other times just simply junk, but either way we enjoy it much the same, another weekly visitor to the market is Nelly. She gets so much attention and even has another little Labradoodle friend ,Poppy who she loves to see, she also enjoys trying to eat anything she can get her tail to 🙂

Lots of goodies in our house have come from the market and luckily it’s so close we can even indulge in large items and walk them back! A wardrobe has been known to take quite a few stops to rest on the way back! I will post some of my favourite items from here soon but for today my bargain was an old Quality Street tin. Bringing back memories of my dear Gran’s biscuit tin I could not resist and for 50p why would I? It’s funny how happy little memories stick with you and almost become tradition, I hope my children and grandchildren look back and remember the little things! NellyNora