Not quite Nigella…Homemade Salsa recipe

Ok, so I have to admit I am certainly not a domestic goddess like Delia or Nigella but I am improving and quite enjoying trying out new things.  Although I don’t bake that often anymore, as a child I loved to help my mum (who makes the most scrumptious puddings and desserts) and if ever I felt a little rubbish I use to rustle up some fairy cakes to help! They always helped! I have been thinking a lot about things I used to love to do and reigniting old passions and I guess baking/cooking is one, so who knows, a recipe post may become a regular feature on Nelly Nora, although I’m not making any promises just yet!  Today I dusted off the BBQ, gave it a good soak and joined the rest of the UK in making the most of our few sunny days, I decided to make a lovely homemade salsa to go with the feast.

This homemade salsa is really easy and quick to make, you can also change the quantities according to your tastes and preferences.  We use medium chillies as we don’t like it too hot and just a dash of lime as it can be quite overpowering.  The important thing to remember is to keep mixing the ingredients together and tasting it as you go, to see what else is needed.



First, de-seed and finely chop the chillies, if you like it hot why not try two? Next,  chop your onion.  As you add it to the chilli in the bowl you will get a feel for how much you need, I always keep a little back and add as required.  Generally I tend to use a full, small red onion.  It does not have to be red onion but after making this salsa for quite a while I personally prefer it and like the colour it adds!

chilli onion This next step is definitely a ‘see how it goes’ stage.  I halve and then quarter the cherry tomatoes as I like the pieces quite small and I don’t add all the juice.  Every few tomatoes you add, mix with the onion and chillies to see how it looks, keep adding tomatoes accordingly, until they become the main ingredient.

cherry toms

Add a dash of lime…

Dash of lime
Give the salsa a good mix and a quick seasoning (only a touch) and voila… your salsa is ready to go! We love to have it with tortilla chips and often make it when having Mexican. You could add to small pots to spice up a packed lunch or as a little picnic treat! end salsa

I hope you enjoyed our first foody post, we enjoyed making it so much it could be whole new road for to explore! Maybe next time I could share some of the homemade baking goodies we are having at the DIY wedding, 68 days to go! NellyNora x